Consider me the pilot-professional! Soon you will be able to find many more mental health care professionals in the community. But for now, I am extremely happy to bring my knowledge, experience, and insights to the workfield! Let’s have some rich and enlightening conversations, where the central point is you! I have subdivided my work into 4 categories:

Of course, everything is customizable. Hopefully by now it must be clear that I strongly dislike working overly bureaucratically in a social field. However, to make things easier and overseeable for you, here are my packages: 

General Psychology Sessions

In 2015, I started my own mental-health practice where I worked as a psychologist. Of all the things that are offered on this website, this is the one that society is in need of the most, hence I put most effort in making it the most affordable. This is for any kind of psychological issue you want help with. If your specific problem is not within my expertise, you will hear it from me quickly and I will give you free advice on what kind of help you are looking for, and where you can best find it.

Remember that you don’t need to have problems to talk to a therapist. I am here to give you advice, help you reflect or give you any kind of feedback you may need. Most importantly: I’m here to offer a safe listening place. Trust me, just talking about the things that are important to you or getting things off your chest will do so much for you!

Donation range: €37,50 – €100 per session
Average sessions: very diverse, depends on client and case

Explore Your Genius - Giftedness

What secrets do Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci have in common? What do almost all geniuses do the same for some reason? Was there just something special about their brain, or is there more to it? 

I got obsessed with learning everything about extraordinary people’s lives, their methods of working and outlook on life. Not only did I notice lots of similarities, but I also started applying the core methods into my own life. These methods are really not what you think they are. I found them to be quite the opposite of what I, and the rest of the world, assumed! 

In 2017, I attended one of the first ever (accredited) masterclasses called ‘’Psychotherapy for the Gifted’’, making me one of the first healthcare professionals to specialize in working with gifted people. I have been active in gifted communities for as long as I can remember and always intensely enjoyed working, talking, and sharing ideas with them.  

This is for you if one or more of these apply:

Donation range: €75 – €150
Session average: 5 – 10  

Complex PTSD - Childhood Trauma

The most common phrase among people who have experienced childhood trauma is: ‘’I don’t have (childhood) trauma! There are people who’ve had it way worse than me!’’ Yes, if you think you haven’t suffered enough to deserve these kinds of conversations or to get things off your chest, this is a sign you need them! 

There is a reason almost any therapist will ask you about your childhood; it is the period during which our psychological foundation is built. Unfortunately, almost all of us have been damaged to some degree during this period. Therefore, even if you think your childhood was okay, or maybe even good, rest assured that a big portion of everything that’s troubling, hurting or secretly sabotaging you today can STILL be traced back to your younger years. 

If you have severe childhood trauma, such as a narcissistic parent, you probably also know the lack of understanding you will find with most therapists. I’ve been told by clients that they have been told things such as: ‘’Your mother sounds really stressed.’’, ‘’Try to understand what she has gone through in her childhood.’’ and ‘’Your parents are still your parents.’’ If you’ve had people say this to you, then I am sorry you had to go through that. I promise that you will never hear such outrageous statements from me. I promise that this will be fully about you and for you. I hear you and I believe you!

Donation range: €45 – €125
Average sessions: At least 10, usually complex PTSD takes time to heal.

Business Psychology

One high-achiever to another: we aren’t normal people, and you know that. Maybe you’ve even been to a psychologist before, but found out that they’re another ordinary human saying stuff like: ‘’Why don’t you just take a hobby?’’ And you thought: ‘’Excuse me… I don’t do hobbies. It’s either topsport or nothing!’’ Or worse, they might tell you you may have OCD.  

You’ve spent your life building gladiator level discipline, fine-tuned your vision like a needle, and have your goals imprinted into your brain so well you can see them when you close your eyes, only to be told you’re too obsessive? Absolutely not! You’re not going to let them take this away from you! 

I hate it when people problemize everything that just slightly deviates from a calculated average. So here’s what I do —it’s really simple— if you are suffering from something, we work on that, if you’re not and it makes your life better, then we help you use it to your advantage even more!. This means, you get to have the best of both worlds. Something I have learned working with high achievers and gifted people is that non-standard people need a non-standard approach and a non-standard solution. Therefore, I will focus on who you are and what your needs are, instead of trying to fit you in the narrow model we were taught someone should fit in. 

Some examples of what I can help with:

Message me for any question! 
Donation range: €100 – €300+  
Average sessions:
1-3 for general advice 
10 for starting or expanding companies

In doubt? The step to get help is hard for 99% of the people. Download my general-sessions intake form for free! This may help you over the threshold or at least help you sort out your thoughts!