The (w)hole in your soul - Complex PTSD

The most common phrase among people who have experienced childhood trauma is: ‘’I don’t have childhood trauma! There people who’ve had it way worse than me!’’ Yes, if you think you haven’t suffered enough to deserve these kinds of conversations or to get things off your chest, you probably need them even more! 


There is a reason almost any therapist will ask you about your childhood. Unfortunately, almost all of us have been damaged to some degree during this period. Therefore, even if you think your childhood was okay, or maybe even good, rest assured that a big portion of everything that’s troubling, hurting or secretly sabotaging you today can STILL be traced back to your younger years. 


If you have severe childhood trauma, such as a narcissistic parent, you probably also know the lack of understanding you will find with most therapists. I’ve been told by clients that they have sad things such as: ‘’Your mother sounds really stressed.’’, ‘’Try to understand what she has gone through in her childhood.’’ and ‘’You parents are still your parents.’’ I’ve you’ve had people say this to you: ‘’I am sorry you had to go through that.’’ promise that you will never hear such an outrageous thing from my mouth. I promise that this will be fully about you and for you. 


Keep an eye on the blog for a post about complex PTSD. It’s coming soon! 


Donation range: €35 – €125

Average sessions: At least 10, usually complex PTSD takes time to heal.