Release your inner genius

What secrets do Einstein, Tesla, Da vinci have in common? What do almost all geniuses do the same, for some reason? For as long as I can remember, this question has had me burned up. Was there just something special about their brain, or is there more to it? I got obsessed with learning everything about extraordinary people’s lives, their methods of working and outlook on life. Not only did I notice lots of similarities, I started applying the core methods into my own life. Fun Fact: this is how I wrote my novel (sorry, another ‘’coming soon’’). Hint: it’s really not what you think it is! I found it to be quite the opposite! 

In 2017 I attended one of the first ever (accredited) masterclasses called ‘’Psychotherapy for the Gifted’’, making me one of the first healthcare professionals to specialize in working with gifted people. I have been active in gifted communities for as long as I can remember and always intensely enjoyed working, talking and sharing ideas with them.  

This is for you if one or more of these apply:

Donation range: €75 – €150
Session average 5 – 10