Business therapy

One high-achiever to another: we aren’t normal people, and you know that. Maybe you’ve even been to a psychologist before, but found out that they’re another ordinary human telling you stuff like: ‘’Why don’t you take a hobby?’’ And you thought: ‘’Excuse me… I don’t do hobbies. It’s either topsports or nothing!’’ Or worse, they might tell you you may have OCD…  

You’ve spent your life building gladiator level discipline, fine-tuned your vision like a needle and have your goals imprinted into your brain so well, you can see them when you close your eyes only to be told you’re too obsessive? Hell no! You’re not gonna let them take this away from you! 

I absolutely hate it when people problematize everything that just slightly deviates from a highly calculated average. So here’s what I do, it’s really simple, if you are suffering from something, we work on that, if you don’t and it makes your life better, then we double down on that. This means, you get to have the best of both worlds. But something I have learned with high achievers and gifted people is that non-standard people need a non-standard approach and a non-standard solution. Therefore, I will focus on who you are and what your needs are, instead of trying to fit you in the narrow model we were taught at school someone should fit in. 

Some examples of what I can help with:

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Donation range: €100 – €300+  

Average sessions: 10, spaced out once a month 

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