It is not for no reason they chose this almond shape with spider legs to haunt you in the game. At first you cannot see this creature. That doesn’t keep it from grabbing you when you come too close and crushing you or throwing you around, while you have no idea what just happened. When you’ve gathered enough ‘insights’ (which you also do during therapy) the beast called Amygdala suddenly becomes visible. You see it following you everywhere, but now at least you can avoid coming too close and triggering it. 

The game Bloodborne to me is a representation of childhood trauma. You’re a hunter who haunts (inner) demons and beasts, while you try to avoid being turned into one by the Bloodborne (carried by blood) virus (generational trauma, continuing the cycle of abuse). Playing this game is almost like exploring the nightmarish inner world of an abandoned child, but through the device of an adult human and in a safe place. Well done, Miyazaki! 

P.S: I’ve had some interesting questions about this article that I hope to publish in a part 2!